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He then cinched us together at the midsection with one long piece of rope. It threw our center of gravity off since I was taller than GiGi.

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We both felt like we were going to tip over at any minute. After he finished cinching us together, he tied my ankles together. Big Boss then unbuttoned my white cotton blouse and pulled my breasts out. He attached nipple clamps to them - running the chain around the back of GiGi's neck.

It was just long enough to clamp both of my nipples.

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I screamed and yelped behind the big gag that GiGi put on me. She continued to mess with me during the rest of the time we were tied together. She " apparently" forgot that the nipple clamp chain was wrapped behind her neck. When she did this I would start to scream GiGi! behind the gag. Finally after a lot of suffering, the Boss let me go.

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May 07, Sahrye is tied to a chair and breathily starts talking to the camera about you liking what you see while she struggles. Her feet are anchored under the chair and she struggles without being to move much from being so sufficiently anchored to the chair. Lots of tight closeups on Sahrye's ballet slipper clad feet and creaking from her shaking the chair from struggling.

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She's one babysitter that isn't going anywhere. May 05, Madalynn Raye finds herself unbound and on the couch in another room with some fetish wear and leather conditioner. She can't help but admire the goodies and imagine just how they'd look on her.

She moves from hood, to gloves, to armbinder before focusing a bit on a pink blindfold which she just can't help but try on before deciding it's not for her. A few more items pass and some leather cuffs grab her focus and she tries them on.

She grabs an armbinder and a head harness ballgag that matches before finishing polishing the fine leather on the armbinder. With the armbinder polished she tries on a black ballgag which she straps tightly around her head and she almost immediately starts drooling.

She finds some leather cuffs and after putting them on she's caught in the act again and finds herself suddenly in a leather cuffed hogtie. Her boss intends to leave her here for quite a while drooling and rolling around on the floor. May 03, Nyxon and Elizabeth enter Mr Big Boss's office with a bit of a typography conflict. Mr Big Boss naturally decides that the solution for this is to make sure that they're both bound and gagged.

Rope is tightly used to encircle both women's elbows and then cloth is stuffed in their mouths to silence them as Mr Big Boss is tired of hearing the debate that they are having about the fonts they are choosing to defend.

After the gag both of them get their wrists tied together next while David realizes that Nyxon has a very ticklish spot on the back of her neck. Their ankles are the next to get bound tightly together starting with Nyxon and then moving onto Elizabeth's red high heeled ankles.

Both women are then put on the floor Lizz is hogtied and with one of her shoes off he tickles her foot before moving on and torturing Nyxon with her neck ticklish spot before finishing off her hogtie. Finally with both of them a bit more secured Mr Big Boss leaves them both for some quality solving their differences time before Lizz realizes that she can tickle poor Nyxon. They roll around a bit more with Lizz chasing Nyxon around on the floor with her wandering hands. They didn't really get their font debate settled but they did at least get some tight bondage and together time.

May 1, From Nylon Obsession Candle and Elizabeth are sitting on the couch just talking back and forth a bit about how hard they've been working lately. Suddenly they hear a mans voice ordering them to stand up and after they comply they are ordered to strip which they do without hesitation, appearing to be under some sort of spell.

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They remove their pantyhose and then trade it putting each others hose on and sliding it up and smoothing it onto their legs. With the hose on and the high heels replaced they are ordered to model the pantyhose for the mystery voice. They move around showing off their assets and rubbing their hands over their pantyhose clad asses for a bit before the man tells them how well they've done for him and he orders them to try on another pair hes left for them.

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With the new hose slipped onto their legs and asses the man orders them to do more of the same and they put their heels back on and comply. After a bit the man orders them out of the pantyhose and back to the original clothing they had on. Being still obedient to his wishes they comply and soon are redressed and seemingly have no memory of what just happened to them, walking out the door oblivious to the humiliation they've just been through.

April 29, Welcome back to the final part of The TV Star Damsel!

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This last part is an extra from the super special European Release! Elizabeth finds herself in quite another predicament.

She struggles and hmpfs behind the cleave gag as her breasts are on full display. Tightly chair tied she has no where to go. Will the bad guys listen to her muffled pleas as she begs them not to turn the knob to the door that her neck rope it attached to? Watch and find out!

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Also included are the ending goodbyes and thank you for purchasing this video. Elizabeth finds herself cleaved gagged in the same chair tie as the opening from Part 1. April 27, Raven is dressed in latex and she's ready to show it off as she turns and shows her body and curves off before David arrives with the gear.

He does though and she quickly finds herself strapped up tight and bent backwards in a rather impressive leather strap hogtie made all the more fetishy fun by her shiny latex ensemble.

April 25, Bella and Jade are seated on the couch having a bit of fun with each other. Taking a ballgag Bella wastes no time gagging Jade and Jade gladly returns the favor. After a bit of fun rubbing on each other with ballgagged mouths Bella and Jade take their ballgags off and Bella stuffing gags Jade wrapping microfoam tape around her head before Jade takes her turn doing the same to Bella.

After that Bella and Jade take a bit and rub on each other with gagged mouths before Bella is stood up by David who suddenly appears and binds her wrists and elbows together behind her back. Jade is next and after her wrists and elbows are bound is seated back beside her girlfriend and both their ankles are then bound. Finally theyre moved to the ground where they are both lined up side by side and hogtied. After the hogties are added theyre left to struggle and roll around a bit where they rub on each other and alternate back to struggling.

April 23, From Nylon Obsession Adaras pantyhose tease starts out with her in a shiny PVC dress, black stockings and high heels. She slowly rubs her hands over her own body before stripping out of her dress and down to her girdle. She runs her hands slowly over her stockings which are layered over pantyhose before slowly dropping her shoes and stripping that layer off.

She puts the stockings on over her hands and uses the nylon to rub her hands over her pantyhose clad legs as she shows off her sexy legs. April Big Boss gets an idea and has her walk back and forth supported by only her elbows. The rack is moved in and Gmoras is transitioned to her very tight hogtie with the rope between her head and feet tied off to the top of the rack. The last 6 minutes are Gmoras and the labored breathing this tie creates for her.

April 19, Cobie finds herself at the mercy of the strange man who likes latex in this clip and shes first assigned to take some care of some very extreme heels while chained, ballgagged and hobbled with a posture collar. She cant help herself however and soon shes also trying the shoes on for size herself. After giving the shoes a trial run she soon finds herself in an entirely different predicament as shes apparently being punished for not just cleaning the shoes.

A tightly bound Cobie struggles against her bonds, but doesnt make much headway other than rolling around in her sexy latex dress and high heels. She becomes increasingly distressed as its apparent shes been left to struggle on her own as the ropes bite deeper into her skin.

April 17, Claire is waiting on Mr. Big Boss in a purple latex dress and he wastes no time in grabbing his favorite armbinder and fitting it onto her body. She quickly finds herself armbindered and head harness ballgagged and unfortunately for him business calls Mr.

Big Boss away leaving Claire to entertain herself alone in tight bondage.

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He returns and has just enough time to add some ankle cuffs to her bondage before heading out one more time to leave her to struggle and put on a show.

She starts talking about how sore her legs and feet are from standing on them all day in her high heels and as she does absentmindedly strokes her legs at the same time.

Finally she stands up and starts to get out of her work clothing but when she gets down from her blouse and skirt to her bra and pantyhose she decides that her pantyhose just arent as nice as the pairs she has in her boudoir. She strips off the work pair and grabs some nicer silky hose from the back of her chair. After sliding the silky material up her legs she grabs some stockings and pulls them on over her pantyhose clipping them to her garter and completing her double layered pantyhose.

With her stockings in place and clipped she puts her high heels back on and starts playing with her legs noticeably turned on by the action with the nylon. Finally she slides off her high heels and shows you her double nylon coated feet as she flexes her soles and shows off the wrinkles. With a bit of a kick of her legs up in the air Cobies nylon tease finds its conclusion.

April 13, Pepper Sterling and I are sitting on the bed topless when I hug her from behind teasingly. We decided to have a little bondage fun together!!

I stuff some cloth in her mouth and then wrap microfoam around her head several times. I finish her gag off with a kiss on her tape gagged lips. Off screen I'm gagged the same way and both of us are tied wrists, elbows, and ankles.

Join the web's most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads Black Lives Matter! Including these of course! These are photos of beautiful Black women wearing bikinis. Highest praise to these ladies and their photographers. For years, this has been my most viewed gallery! It has over seventeen times as many views as the gallery in second place! Thank you very much! Media in category "Karada breast bondage". The following 85 files are in this category, out of 85 total. BoundCon custom photoshoot 8 picture ? ; 16 KB. Alsana Sin by ? ; 33 KB. Artistic Karada 1, ? 1,; MB

We struggle playfully on the bed while trying to grope and gag kiss each other. We enjoy each other's time together and hope you enjoy watching us! April 11, Ayla has already been forced into the room and is bound at the ankle and wrist. She is distraught sitting on the couch while wearing a tight latex tube dress.

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Her captor shoves a piece of cloth in her mouth and wraps microfoam tape tightly around her now hushed lips. Ayla is left on the couch to struggle as her bondage slowly progresses throughout the day until she is left in a bent over cinched tie. Ayla does her best to move around but can't seem to loosen any knots or make any headway on escaping from her situation. April 9, Mr Big Boss helps Arielle get her skirt buckled and then helps her into the ledermeister armbinder.

Big Boss which she warms up to eventually gyrating a bit for him to see. April 7, From Nylon Obsession I will start incorporating some of these videos since fans have asked Poor pitiful you. Fashion Blogs. Gothic Fashion.

Super curvy black women pics nubian women wearing thong outside natural beauty cutie. Sexy light skin Black woman in super tight jogging outfit and the largest booty ever. Gorgeous tone thick beautiful woman tone body amazing thunder hips thighs. Nubian Black woman long braids booty at A pretty blond (Morina) has been KO'd and gagged with an ace bandage and she is being dragged across the room on a sheet. A pissed off woman ties her wrists and ankles while she is out cold. She comes to trying to make sense of what is going on and her captor begins to cut off her little black dress 16 photos; video. April 3, Isean is in the office again today, this time wearing a mesh bronze catsuit and high heel sandals. Her endurance is going to be tested today with lots of jute rope. Isean's arms are tightly bound behind her back and a third rope is added cinching her arms down to her waist

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