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A fissure is a little cut or tear to the anus.

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A similar cut anywhere else on the body would probably barely trouble us and heal quickly. However, down there, that small cut can cause excruciating pain as the need to open our bowels daily only serves to aggravate it, reduce its ability to heal and in some cases, make it worse.

Anal Fissure

I cannot stress this enough. If there was no medicine or painkillers in the world, I honestly believe that this one practice would help to heal most anal fissures.

  Subject: My anal fissure Bob Date: Tue, 28 Dec 93 + It's been a while since my violent anal dilation. I'm afraid that I have neglected my duties by not telling you about it sooner. But I have been at some loss for words about it. My anal fissure Bob who had plagued me for the last three years is Originally invented in as the world's most successful remedy for pruritus ani (severe anal itching and irritation), it was discovered in that it brought pain relief and promotes healing of chronic anal fissures. It was also found to prevent anal fissures from re   Bob the Anal Fissure; Results 1 to 12 of 12 Thread: Bob the Anal Fissure. LinkBack. LinkBack URL; About LinkBacks; Thread Tools. Show Printable Version;

Have you heard of the Bristol Stool Chart? Google it. This type of stool will cause the least amount of pain to pass and offer the best opportunity for healing. You need this kind of smooth soft stool EVERY TIME you have a bowel movement. For me, this meant eating a high fibre breakfast cereal with added fruit, eating a vegetable-based lunch vegetable soup is a good option and eating a vegetable-based dinner.

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In addition to this, you MUST drink plenty of water. Fibre alone is not enough. I have been drinking approximately pints a day. My high fibre, high water diet gave me smooth soft stools every time. You will need to work out how much fibre and water you need to intake each day to achieve the same. DulcoEase is a stool softener which, from my online reading, benefitted many people. I also noted from my online reading that other anal fissure sufferers took magnesium citrate, milk of magnesium, cod liver oil, movicol powder, metamucil and 3 ballerina tea.

Not all at the same time I might add!

I did not try any of these products so cannot comment on their effectiveness. Tea and coffee dehydrates you which is not good when you are trying to heal an anal fissure. I cannot live without tea or coffee completely so I would have a decaffeinated tea in the morning and a coffee in the afternoon but that would be it.

I found this reduction in caffeine helped me a lot. As an anal fissure sufferer, the time of day you come to dread the most is the daily visit to the bathroom. It is a necessary evil that you know is probably going to hurt.

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A lot. However, you cannot put it off.

Putting off a BM causes more trouble - your stools become dry and hard and even more difficult to pass the next time you sit on the lavatory. What I found helped the pain was taking Ibuprofen painkillers approximately 2 hours before a bowel movement. A lot of people take Ibuprofen to treat pain but it also helps with the prevention of pain. Passing stools is painful enough with an anal fissure so anything that eases the process is a Godsend.

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I found applying Vaseline to my anus a few seconds before a bowel movement helped a lot. By the way, I purchased some latex finger caps which made the application of ointment and Vaseline to my anus far more hygienic. I purchased a pack of from Amazon.

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I read that other sufferers applied coconut oil or lidocaine to their anuses before a bowel movement. I did not use lidocaine but I believe that it contains a numbing agent. This one may sound odd but there is an awful lot of literature online that suggests squatting for a BM is more natural and aids the process better than sitting.

I would literally put the seat up of the toilet, take my socks off for better grip, and squat on the toilet rim. It took some balance-ability to begin with the side of the bath helped! but I quickly got used to it.

Bob the anal fissure

As unorthodox as it sounds and is! it benefitted me in two ways; firstly, I found it easier to pass stools gravity did more of the work and secondly, the slightly uncomfortable position meant that I could not stay there for long.

As the passing of stools should take seconds and not minutes, the squatting position and a high fibre, high water diet facilitated a quick process. The anesthetist walks in and without so much as a hello starts tapping my forearm to find a suitable vein.

I try to greet him but all that comes out is a horrible squawk. I am relieved of my meager garment and I lay there, alone and naked.

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I look down in horror to see that my penis and testicles have completely withdrawn into my abdomen. Perhaps they had seen it first and were trying to warn me because there, on a stainless steel tray, nestled amongst strange looking devices is the object of my apprehension. It is some sort of anal battering ram. It is stainless steel and is about a foot long.

After lurking about in the wings the required 2 months I have felt the need to tell you about my anal fissure Bob. It all started about two years ago in Thailand. I had just fired a round of green chile liquishit down the hole that the Asians call "toilet" when I noticed an odd sensation just inside the rim of my sphincter accompanied by a blasting spray of rich red blood Man, that story hit close to home. Going under the knife to get your taint cut on was the easy part. The doctor (very cleverly) never stated that there would be about a 10 week recovery period where you have to change and repack the gauze several times a day until the peach pit sized surgical opening slowly healed I am a year-old male living in the UK. My experience of anal fissures occurred in January of Indulgence over the Christmas period and a change of diet (less fibre and less water) led me to experience a very painful bowel movement (BM) and endure a few miserable weeks following it

It has two handles bolted to it. And for all the world it looks like one of those Stanley thermoses.

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By this time, a vein had been found and been hooked up to the Anesthetist. He still hasn't said anything so I find my voice. No more problems. I chuckle at the prospect of the stainless invader. As this all was happening, the nurses were quite busy.

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They had stainless steel poles that they were affixing to the sides of the operating table. On top of these poles were large plastic blocks that were deeply indented to accommodate what could only be my thighs.

A more compromising version of the stirrups that doctors often use to examine women. And truly, the video has born my theory out. My buttring is bright, exposed, and nearly eye level to the wielder of the dilation tool.

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The chief dilator strolls in, and nods at the anesthetist. The latter hooks up a large syringe full of what looks like vaseline to my I. line and says "See you later.

I couldn't. A monster head rush, I try to speak, and that's the last thing that I remember.

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It's strange to see yourself lying on a cold slab, with your penis retracted, falling unconscious. Right after I go out, a nurse puts a black rubber mask over my face.

Two attendants raise my thighs into the "stirrups" and scrunch me down so that my ankles are bent straight back towards my head. The camera angle is from straight overhead, so you get a weird out of body feeling watching the whole thing. One nurse manipulates what's left of my genetalia out of the way while another unceremoniously paints my asshole with some sort of red tinted disinfectant.

The doctor wastes no time and before you can say "Is he asleep? He checks around and during the examination gives my prostate a mighty push. I swear that I shoot a load of something straight onto my belly where it just sits there through the rest of the procedure.

The doctor gives a grunt of satisfaction and reaches for the dilator. Nurses squirt some kind of lubricant from a large syringe into and around my ass. The surgeon then inserts the end of the dilation unit into my ass and begins rotating it left and right.

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Soon he has my poor asshole fully dilated. There I am, out like a light, with a stainless steel thermos up my ass.

  Bob the anal Fissure Off-Topic. Welcome to the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club: Saturday August 7, Botox injection causes temporary relaxation of the sphincter and lasts weeks giving time for the fissure to heal. A sphincterotomy involves a small cut near the anal opening, with the division of the lowest part of the internal anal sphincter muscle. The spasm is relieved, which helps the fissure to heal The Anal Fissure. This Diet Might Help. An anal fissure is like a paper cut that most people have had at one time or another. The only difference is that unlike the paper cut between two fingers, the anal fissure is a cut or tear of the anal opening

Every thirty seconds or so the doctor does a with the thing. After about a half hour of this, the doctor removes the dilator and PUTS HIS ENTIRE HAND UP MY ASS. This is the best part of the video.

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A satisfied nod and the nurses move in for the clean up. Someone has the presence of mind to wipe the manually ejaculated fluid off of my belly. Someone swabs the shit and blood from my ass. I get another syringe of something in my arm. The mask comes off my face.

A nurse shakes me gently and my eyes flutter open.

Lots of nods around the room. They wheel me into the recovery room where I try to sit up. I carefully reach down in a cautious exploration of my asshole.

Other thing that worth trying include pure aloe vera gel, sudo cream baby rash cream and sitz bath but these are less important to overall healing. the most important thing is be patient and stick to the routine and don't miss a single day. follow all the steps and i really believe it will work for most if not all.

it takes time to heal some people may need 6 mon to 1 year to completely heal.

We want the forums to be a useful resource for our users but it is important to remember that the forums are not moderated or reviewed by doctors and so you should not rely on opinions or advice given by other users in respect of any healthcare matters. Always speak to your doctor before acting and in cases of emergency seek appropriate medical assistance immediately.

Use of the forums is subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and steps will be taken to remove posts identified as being in breach of those terms. How I healed my anal fissure after 2 years of suffering Follow.

As an anal fissure sufferer, the time of day you come to dread the most is the daily visit to the bathroom. It is a necessary evil that you know is probably going to hurt. A lot. However, you cannot put it off. Putting off a BM causes more trouble - your stools become dry and hard and even more difficult to pass the next time you sit on the lavatory 2 days ago  Anal fissures are tears, or cracks, in your anus. Fissures are sometimes confused with hemorrhoids. These are inflamed blood vessels in, or just outside, the anus. Both fissures and hemorrhoids often result from passing hard stool. Causes. Fissures result from the stretching of your anal mucosa beyond its normal capacity   Subject: My anal fissure Bob Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 + After lurking about in the wings the required 2 months I have felt the need to tell you about my anal fissure Bob. It

see step 6 Most important: Cut all fiber out of your diet. Good luck to all battling with this disease. New discussion Reply. Contains personal information. Duplicate post. Offensive topic. Delete request or other:.

The anus is a sphincter, which is like an elastic opening, that lets bowel movements pass from your body. An anal fissure is a small tear that develops near your anus as a result of excess stretching and pressure. Fissures form in the lining of the anus, most commonly toward the front or back   This occurs during a bowel movement when you pass hard or large stools. Anal fissures cause pain, bleeding, or spasms in the ring of muscle at the end of your anus (anal sphincter). Once a fissure starts to form, you will feel a sharp and unbearable pain during bowel movements   Hello, just wanted to share my story here. I have been on this site many times when I was suffering from anal fissure for 2 years. its a long story but I want to just focus on how I healed and what finally worked. I see a lot of people going for surgery and I would highly recommend you try the steps below before you do

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