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Penis Insertion 2. Penis Insertion 3. Penis Insertion 4. In such a process of an acute group spin, the group operates as a whole that is larger than its parts. Research on members of youth gangs exhibiting chronic group spin patterns has also validated this claim, given that the extent of the offenses committed by the members had grown since they joined the gang. A Lancet report also found that among the motives for rape were sexual entitlement and seeking of entertainment.

Gang rape, also called serial gang rape, group rape, or multiple perpetrator rape in scholarly literature, is the rape of a single victim by two or more violators (typically at least three). Gang rapes are forged on shared identity of the same religion, ethnic group, or race. There are multiple motives for serial gang rapes, such as for sexual entitlement, asserting sexual prowess, war Cac t?p tin trong th? lo?i "Penile-vaginal intercourse" t?p tin sau n?m trong th? lo?i nay, trong t?ng s? t?p tin

Associated factors in the crime included alcohol misuse, poverty, personal history of childhood victimization, need to prove heterosexual performance, dominance over women, and participation in gangs and related activities. Gang rapes during civil wars and ethnic riots take added dimension of becoming a means of revenge, sending a message to the victims' community, inducing fear in the opponent, and creating a sense of solidarity among the soldiers or militants or the violent group.

The Congo war saw thousands of gang rapes every week, with each relief center reporting 10 or more daily victims of gang rape with battering of women. In the s, civil war-torn countries, for example SudanAfghanistan and Syriareported high rates of gang rapes by government soldiers, security forcesinsurgents, and militias.

A Lancet report on rape and gang rape in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Sri Lanka found that the crime was committed for various motives, including as a means to inflict punishment on the victim.

Traditionally, the Cheyenne people of North America used gang rape as punishment for female transgressions. Among the Mpumalanga of South Africathere are instances of gang rape as punishment. A study found that the gang rapes involved more alcohol and drug usenight attacks and severe sexual assault outcomes and less victim resistance and fewer weapons than individual rapes.

The two groups were about the same in the amount of drug use and drinking during the assault. A Lancet study reports 1. The motives of rape included a combination of reasons. Gang rape, or estupro coletivois prevalent in Brazil.

In the state of Rio de Janeiro alone, over 6, rapes are reported every year or about 37 perpeople.

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Peer pressure and sexual aggression are among the cited reasons for the crime. The average Sexual Assault Tier 3 victim rate in Canada was 15 perwomen, and 0 permen, according to a Statistics Canada article.

A Lancet study reports, an online survey of Chinese men, 2. In Julythe son of a Chinese general was charged with four other men to being part of a gang rape. This case raised significant public anger over seemingly privileged treatment of elite gang rape criminals.

Over two dozen gang rapes were reported during civil protests in Egypt from January to March ; however, activists claim that many more gang rapes often go unreported because most women are too ashamed to go to the police or even tell their relatives. During July at Tahrir Squaremobs assaulted and gang raped at least 46 women in 4 days.

Between and gang rapes are reported in France every year. In banlieues organised gang-rapes are referred to as tournantesor "pass-arounds".

In Octobertwo girls in Fontenay-sous-Bois on the outskirts of Paris reported experiencing daily gang rapes in the high-rise tower blocks, sometimes by scores of boys. One witness described 50 boys "queuing" to rape her. This case shocked the country. As with other countries, India does not collect separate data on gang rapes. It sparked large protests across the capital of India, Delhi.

Reported cases of gang rape include Jakarta International School gang rape of a six-year-old, [64] gang rape of a Malaysian student in Indonesia, [65] and Aceh gang rape case where the victim was charged with adultery when she reported the crime.

Many incidents of gang rapes have been reported in Iran. In several cases, the police officials have blamed the victim for not wearing hijaband in one case arresting the victim and two activists, who were trying to bring attention to the gang rape. While official statistics on reported and pending gang rapes in Iran are not published by the Iranian government, public hangings for gang rapes are routinely reported in Iranian newspapers.

A year-old schoolgirl in Ketereh Kelantanwas gang raped by more than 30 men. Nigeria reports thousands of gang rapes every year. The National Crime Data report for Pakistan suggest a current rape rate of 8. In some cases, such as Mukhtar Mai gang rape in Muzaffargarh, village elder's council jirga in Pakistan have ordered that the girl in a family is gang-raped as a means of punishing her brother, and this punishment was then carried out in public with everyone watching.

Trans women are not immune. Ina trans woman from Peshawar was kidnapped and raped by eleven men, who filmed the assault and shared it on social media. A Lancet study reports The Qatif rape case was a gang rape of a teenage girl by seven men. The justice received criticism because the victim was initially ordered to get lashed times but the ruling was overturned by the monarch after a backlash. Gang rapes occur frequently in South Africa, [89] and in certain parts it is called jackrolling.

In certain parts of South Africa where boys are often involved in gang rapes, called jackrolling, rape rates are higher.

The National Institute of Crime Rehabilitation of South Africa claims only 1 out of 20 rapes are reported in South Africa, suggesting 1, women are raped every day. In Februarya year-old girl was gang raped, mutilated and left to die in a town near Cape Town. This led to widespread protests. Reported gang rape cases include gang rape of a British tourist in Spain where one of the rapists was a year-old man, [96] and gang rape in Huelva of a year-old girl with mental disability.

On 21 Januaryin UppsalaSwedena group of Arab Facebook users allegedly committed a live streaming crimegang raping an unconscious woman for several hours. In Marchnewspaper Expressen investigated gang rape court cases from the two preceding years and found that there were 43 men having been convicted.

Their average age was 21 and 13 were under the age of 18 when the crime was committed. Of the convicted, 40 out of the 43 were either immigrants born abroad or born in Sweden to immigrant parents. The median age of the victims was 15, while 7 out of 10 perpetrators were between 15 and In several cases inthe courts of the UAE have sentenced the gang raped woman to prison under its laws. For example, a British woman, after she reported being gang raped by three men, was charged with the crime of drinking alcohol in UAE; an Arab woman was sentenced to one year in prison for illicit sex after she complained of gang rape; an Australian woman was similarly sentenced to jail after she reported gang rape in the UAE, while a Norwegian woman was jailed for illicit sex when she reported rape by Arab men.

According to ABC News, a French teenage boy was gang raped by three Dubai men. The authorities demanded that the tourist confess he is gay and that he asked for sex. The boy insisted he was raped and diplomatic pressure led to the arrest and conviction of the gang members. A number of gang rapes have taken place in the United Kingdomalthough the UK authorities had not separately collected data on gang rapes until the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre report on localised grooming entitled "Out of Mind, Out of Sight", but which only deals with adolescent victims.

Media reports of gang rapes in the UK are often racially charged since late of organised, serious exploitation and abuse that involves predominantly Pakistani-heritage men grooming and abusing predominantly white British girls.

In MarchCrime Prevention Minister Norman Baker described "ground breaking work" to identify women and girls who can get drawn into gangs. Baker said the government had set up a network of more than 70 people with experience of dealing with gangs to work with 33 of the worst affected areas of the country, including 20 in London.

In one case cited by the CSJ report, a schoolgirl was abducted and sexually assaulted by nine males because she criticised a gang member. The report found that girls as young as eight were being used to carry drugs while female gang members in their teens were being pressured to have sex with boys as young as 10 to initiate males into gangs.

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A report by the Office of the Children's Commissioner suggested that almost 2, children had been known to be victims of child sexual exploitation by gangs and groups. In July Home Secretary Sajid Javid ordered research into the particular characteristics of grooming gangs.

The US reports about 85, rapes a year, or an average of A year-old girl in Chicago was gang raped on Facebook live in while watched by over 40 people. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rape of a single victim by two or more violators.

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Please help ate this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. March See also: Yan Xiaoling - Fan Yanqiong case. See also: Mass sexual assault in Egypt and Rape in Egypt.

Further information: Ni Putes Ni Soumises and Rape in France. Further information: Rape in GermanyRape during the occupation of Germanyand New Year's Eve sexual assaults in Germany.

Further information: Rape in Saudi Arabia. Further information: Sexual violence in South Africa. Main article: Rape in Sweden. See also: Immigration and crime Sweden.

Handbook on the Study of Multiple Perpetrator Rape: A Multidisciplinary Response to an International Problem, Miranda A. Gang Rape: Examining Peer Support and Alcohol in Fraternities.

Bernice nubiles anal

Sex Crimes and Paraphilia. Hickey, Eric W. A comparison of gang and individual rape incidents. Violence and victims, 14 2pp. A Partially Ordered Scale of Influence in Violent Group Behavior An Example From Gang Rape. Small Group Research, 32 4pp. Journal of American College Health. doi : PMID The Lancet Global Health. Retrieved 20 July Women, rape, and war: The continued trauma of refugees and displaced persons in Croatia. Anthropology of East Europe Review, 13 1pp.

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Rape: The misunderstood crime. American Civil Liberties Union. Retrieved Archived from the original on Encyclopedia of rape. Greenwood Publishing Group.

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